Our 2020-21 Outreach: Virtual Camps


TJHSST’s FIRST Tech Challenge Team 14607 Robot Uprising is proud to offer two free virtual spring camps, open to the community and general public. Classes are targeted at middle-school aged students, although anyone is free to attend and learn. These classes teach the fundamentals to technology and robotics, through CAD (Computer Aided Design), design principles, advanced manufacturing techniques, and programming in Python.


Each course runs for 6 Saturdays from 9:30-11:00 AM EDT. Registration for both courses is open, and participants may register for either course, or both.

CAD (March 20 to April 24)

  • Learn about the fundamentals of 3D Design with Onshape

  • Integrating CAD with Advanced Manufacturing techniques, from 3D printing, to laser-cutting, CNC, & more

  • Learn Engineering Best Practices and industry design principles and standards

Python (May 1 to June 5)

  • Learn the fundamentals of Python programming

  • Learn advanced Data Structures and algorithmic thinking

  • Apply Python to robotics simulations

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When will these classes take place?

  • Classes will run for 6 weeks on Saturday mornings from 9:30-11:00 AM EDT

How much do the classes cost to attend?

  • All the classes in our camp are free!

Can I register for more than one class?

  • Yes, there is no limit on how many students can register/how many classes they can register for.

Who can attend/What is the specified age-range for these classes?

  • Our classes are open to any and all students and community members, but the content will be targeted towards middle schoolers.

Questions & Comments

For any questions, please contact us at ftc14607@gmail.com, or @ftc14607 (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).