Superintendent Reid came to visit !!

2022 StemFest

This year, our FTC team partook in the 2022 Steamology Stem Fest. There we reached out to students from 91 different schools and cultivated a STEM foundation for them to learn about both robotics and the FIRST program. We showed them how to drive our demo robot and explained the different parts involved. The students were particularly interested in the mecanum wheels which allowed the robot to move side to side. Using our two competition trifolds, we immersed them in knowledge about the FIRST program including on how they themselves could participate through FLL. We also let kids of all ages get familiar with legos and ev3 bricks as the core for FLL. It was inspiring to see how much of an interest the students took in robotics. In addition to this the Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools, Michelle C. Reid, came to vist our booth where we explainted the importance of robotics and the FIRST program.

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