Perspecta Case Study

Perspecta is the result of a merger between 3 defense contractors - Vencore, DXE, and Keypoint. This company has been around since 2017, and is now the 7th largest defense contractor in the nation, signing deals worth billions of dollars.

We are extremely grateful for their support, and we have worked together in many aspects of the team, as outlined below. Our mentors from Perspecta include Mr. Barry Barlow (CIO), Mrs. Amy Howland (Head of Cybersecurity), and Mr. Deepen Patel and Tom Terjeson (AWS Architects). On top of receiving $12,000 in sponsorship money over two years (about $6,000 each year), we were offered to present to the Executive Leadership Team (CEO, CIO, CFO and the Board). It is an amazing, and rewarding experience to work with the executives and top level of a massive company. We not only learned essential workplace skills, we also saw a direct application of the technology that we work with in the lab.

Design Process 2019 (Rookie Season)

After being finalist champion at states, we had to adjust our design process. Our previous design process was the Nasa BEST Process, which places an emphasis on rapid reiteration. While the BEST process worked well for initial prototyping, we only needed to make minor revisions to our robot before worlds. So, we worked with Perspecta CIO Mr. Barry Barlow (who is also a former NASA Engineer and Part Time Professor at George Mason University) to create our new design process. Mr. Barlow shared anecdotes and advice with us from his time at NASA, and together we helped evolve our design process to allow us to innovate faster and save costs.

Cybersecurity 2019 (Rookie Season)

After States in 2019, we were ecstatic to see that Perspecta Inc. HAD OFFERED US $5,000 IN SPONSORSHIP MONEY. Perspecta also offered to send over their Head of Cybersecurity Mrs. Amy Howland to lecture us on the importance of Data Management and Cybersecurity. Mrs. Howland taught us about the many ways hackers can breach secure (and sometimes even encrypted) data. She also shared Anecdotes about her time as a White Hat Hacker, and some funny stories about how woefully unprepared companies were against cyber attacks.

Mrs. Howland also taught us about the importance of risk assessment, and most importantly, secure data management. We walked through several possible scenarios in which someone would want to hack our team.

AWS and Data Management 2019 (Rookie Season)

A goal our team this offseason is to familiarize ourselves with the AWS Cloud. Perspecta offered to send Mr. Patel (AWS Architect) and Mr. Terjeson (AWS Architect) to help us learn about the platform. They introduced us to AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is a serverless data management service. We learned about different models of web hosting, blue-green deployment, DNS, Content Delivery Networks, and more. Our team is proud to be fully cloud hosted, and we are grateful to Perspecta for their help.

Perspecta Sponsorship Money 2020

For our 2020 Season, Perspecta once again provided us with over $5,000 dollars of funding, matching the TJPF, and helping us build a great robot.