TJPF Case Study

The TJ Partnership Fund (TJPF) is our schools grant system to support the unique learning opportunities, specialized curriculum, and innovative research opportunities that TJHSST provides. While they normally have a maximum grant of $1,000 for clubs, due to our performance at the world championship, and our extensive outreach, we were given $5,000 dollars. To show our gratitude, we partnered with them for multiple events, including Techstravaganza and the TJHSST Partnership Gala


The TJHSST “Techstravaganza” Fair is a STEM Fair held for middle and elementary school students at TJHSST. Over 4,000 people from across the DMV area attend every year. We lead a group of four other FTC Teams at the 2019 Techstravaganza, helping to set up demos and test matches, and explaining to parents and students about how to spread FIRST Robotics in their community.

TJHSST Partnership Gala

The TJHSST Partnership Gala is an event held by the PTSA and the TJPF every year. We spent over 4 hours at the Gala, holding a demo booth for our robot, and helping in the setup and cleanup of the event.