Meet The Team

Our team of highly skilled thinkers, innovators, and engineers.

Photo of Charlie




Charlie is a senior in his 9th year of FIRST, joining the program due to his early inclination towards robotics; starting FLL in fourth grade. He is the founder & team captain of Team 14607, with five years of experience in FTC. He started the team with his dream of crafting a diverse, robot-loving family, and looking at our team, can confidently say that we have done it! In addition to FTC, Charlie dances urban hip-hop and is an officer of Jefferson’s Urban Dance Movement, is captain of Jefferson’s Machine Learning Club, and pursues advanced robotics autonomy research. Charlie loves spending his free time designing, CAD-ing, programming, and working to inspire the next generation of young students in STEM.

Photo of Dev



Dev is a senior in his 8th year of FIRST, joining the FLL program in 5th grade due to his love of legos. Dev is the CAD Lead of team FTC 14607, and has 5 years of FTC experience. He joined the team looking for a diverse, robotics family. In addition to FTC, Dev is part of the TJ UROV Team, and pursues his interests in Cloud Computing and the AWS Platform. Dev loves spending his free time following Formula 1 Racing (he is a huge fan), prowling car enthusiast forums, Programming, working on his home server rack, and staying up to date with recent AWS product launches. He also likes tacos and sleep.

Photo of Kari


Kari is a senior in his 3rd year of FIRST. A founding member of Robot Uprising, he has been interested in robotics since elementary school but wasn’t able to explore it until he joined FTC. He is passionate about programming and building and also enjoys the outreach portions of the FIRST program. Outside of FTC, he is an officer of the web development club at TJ and enjoys playing video games and listening to music in his free time.

Photo of Jason



Jason is a senior in his 3rd year of FIRST, and he developed a passion for robotics after discovering the technological wonder that is CAD. He is the Documentation and Outreach Lead, and his favorite parts about our robotics team are designing new parts, engaging with other robot-lovers, and teaching younger students. Besides robotics, Jason participates in TJ’s Machine Learning Club, Senior Computer Team, Dev Club, and Urban Dance Movement. He has an avid interest in computer science and dreams of using CS and robotics to help others. In his free time, he plays the violin, makes really cool spreadsheets, plays video games, and learns about faraway places and cultures from browsing Google Maps and traveling.

Photo of Reevu


Reevu is a senior in his 3rd year of FIRST, joining the FTC program in 10th grade due to his interest in building things. Ever since he worked with his 8th grade Science Olympiad team to make a hovercraft, Reevu has loved creating things that move. Reevu is the Design Lead of team FTC 14607, with 3 years of experience. He joined the team looking for a community that shares his passion. In addition to FTC, Reevu participates in TJ’s Varsity Math Team, as well as the Chemistry and Physics Teams. He enjoys algorithmic programming and learning new coding languages. Reevu spends his free time practicing Taekwondo, working out, baking, solving Rubik’s cubes, and playing chess. He also likes carrot cake and roller coasters.

Photo of Krish



Krish is a senior and this is his eighth year in FIRST, joining FLL in 5th grade because he loves robotics and FIRST is a global venue to meet others about it! He is a member of the Build and Design subteams, and assembles the team’s design. FUN FACT: Dev and Krish are identical twins!

Photo of Jacob


Jacob is a senior and this is his fourth year in FIRST, joining after discovering this gem-of-a-program in fourth grade for FLL and it has shaped him as a person and built his character. A founding member of Robot Uprising, he is a member of the CAD, Engineering, and Software subteams. He has amazing EUREKA moments and amazing extensive knowledge of manufacturing. He participates in FRC, CubeSat, Computer Vision, TARC. Jacob has really cool calligraphy pens.

Photo of AJ


AJ is a junior in her 3rd year at FIRST, being part of the school’s FRC team in freshman year and FTC in her sophomore and junior years. She’s been passionate in STEM since her science bowl and olympiad years in middle school and has been striving to continue that path at TJ. Outside of robotics, AJ is part of TJ’s Varsity Girls Tennis team and has played the flute for the last 6 years. She also enjoys dancing, as an Urban Dance Movement club officer, and reading when she has free time.

Photo of Winston


Winston is a sophomore in his 5th year of FIRST, joining FLL at the start because he wanted to experience programming. By joining an FLL team in 5th grade, his interest in robotics grew and it led him to join the FTC program, seeking to learn more about robotics. He is very excited to experience his second year on the team. In his free time, Winston enjoys playing basketball, making music, writing fictional novels, and is involved in TJ’s cyber patriot team and soccer team. He also likes pillows.

Photo of Neil


Neil is a sophomore in his 3rd year of FIRST. He first experienced robotics as a kid through LEGO Mindstorms and has had a passion for it ever since then. In 8th grade he founded an FTC team to pursue robotics, which eventually led to meeting Robot Uprising and joining them next year. Besides FTC, Neil likes to compete in programming competitions. During his free time Neil make custom keyboards and play video games.

Photo of Alan


Alan is a sophomore in his first year of FIRST and FTC team 14607, joining because of his love for all things robotics. He first started doing programming, then went down the path to robotics. He joined this team to learn more robotics from a great team. In addition to FTC, Alan does volunteering to teach elementary school kids robotics. During his free time, Alan enjoys playing video games, cooking, and reading.

Photo of Punav


Punav is a freshman and is participating in his fourth year of FIRST, joining the FLL program due to his love of programming and robotics. He joined the team looking for a new opportunity to pursue his interest in robotics and programming. In addition to the FTC team Punav is participating in the neuroscience society and the quiz bowl team. He is interested in how the human body works on an anatomical and molecular level. He enjoys learning new coding languages as well as participating in math and science competitions. In his free time Punav enjoys biking, playing basketball, knitting and reading.

Photo of Tanvi


Tanvi is a freshman and this is her second year in FIRST, joining because of a Facebook post and an aspiring interest in robotics and coding. She is on the school’s Lincoln Douglas debate team, and her hobbies include coding, singing, and drawing. She is looking forward to freshman year.

Photo of Thrisha


Thrisha is a sophomore in her second year at FIRST, being a part of her middle school’s FLL team, joining because of her love of coding. She discovered her passion for STEM when she joined Science and Math Olympiad in fifth grade, and over the last four years, she has learned programming languages like Java and Arduino. In addition to robotics, Thrisha plays the piano, participates in Model United Nations, and plays field hockey.

Photo of Johnathan


Johnathan is a sophomore in his 3rd year of FTC. In 7th grade, he built a 3D printer and was immediately hooked onto robotics and engineering. Johnathan is a new member of FTC team 14607 and has 3 years of FTC experience. He joined the team because he wanted to explore robotics and teach his community with a passionate team. During his free time, Johnathan enjoys playing chess, reading books, playing and watching video games, and learning new things. He also enjoys staying hydrated and eating pizza.